Research and development of new plastic materials and finishes

Our technical staff, in synergy with established design studios and making use of the know-how of our suppliers, performs careful research on materials to identify the most suitable ones to satisfy all the design features provided by the customer.

From the technical / mechanical characteristics of the plastic material used to the functionality and aesthetics of all the structural components and accessories, up to the special materials: each component is the subject of study and functional tests to obtain a finished product that meets the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

Equipment design and construction

Moulds in wood, resin, aluminium, assembly and forming templates: each project requires a dedicated equipment system studied down to the smallest detail to ensure maximum functionality and optimization of the production process of which they will become a fundamental part.

In Modula we have an expert and trained technical office, equipped with all the most modern technologies to develop innovative solutions with a view to full efficiency of all the processes involved, able to assist the customer from the design phase to the prototyping and fine-tuning of the final component.

Vacuum and pressure thermoforming

Thermoforming is a hot forging technique starting from plates that are adapted to a mould by pressure or vacuum. Modula’s long experience in one of the most consolidated and perfected techniques in this sector for efficiency, repeatability and speed of cycle times, gives us the capacity and know-how necessary for the
processing of a wide range of different plastic materials such as ABS, ABS / PMMA, ABS / PC, polystyrene, methacrylate, and PEHD, making the most of their technical-mechanical properties and identifying with precision and competence the most suitable material for the required field of application.

Thanks to the continuous investment in innovative machinery, we are able to produce components at competitive costs even on large slabs, up to 3500 x 2500 x 1000 mm.

CNC laser cutting according to project

All aesthetic and functional finishes such as ventilation slots, pre and post gluing dimensional adjustments, holes and housings for fastening components and accessories are performed by a 5-axis CNC machine capable of performing the most complex processes.

The 5 axes allow you to machine extremely complex workpiece surfaces in a single machine set-up and with a single CNC program, increasing productivity thanks to reduced processing and cycle times. and optimizing the precision of the finished part that does not need to be manipulated on several workstations for its completion.


We have highly specialized assembly lines where each component is assembled in compliance with the standards defined in the design and prototyping phase.

It is at this stage that the plastic component is transformed into a high quality finished product, thanks to the application of wall reinforcements not only in ABS, but also in different materials such as polyurethane (PU) and specially designed metal structural frames. , as well as fireproof and soundproofing panels made
to measure in our computerized cutting centre. Each of these technical solutions allows to obtain a highlevel product both from the point of view of applicability, structural resistance and noise and flammability control and from an aesthetic point of view, at significantly lower costs than other methods of construction.

The assembly of components, small parts, threaded slots, handles and locks is performed according to a scrupulous process developed by pursuing the goal of maximum optimization of industrial processes and a high degree of product finish.

The assembly and gluing of the components are carried out with the aid of
specific machinery, control templates and certified and guaranteed structural glues for the individual application.

The component is supplied finished and ready for placing on line, in single packaging or on special dedicated packaging.

Dedicated logistics

The management of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products plays a strategic and decisive role in Modula, with the aim to fully satisfying the needs of our customers and allowing them to maintain their production standards efficient.

Thanks to the use of advanced management models such as MRP for constant monitoring of procurement and Kanban programming, Modula has the logistical flexibility that allows the customer to schedule delivery batches and easily remodel them according to the progress of their needs.

The level achieved in the optimization of material handling allows Modula to be able to satisfactorily manage the most modern customer interaction protocols such as Kanban, Just In Time, B2B, Forecast, Integrated Logistics.

Portfolio and Case History

In over twenty years, more than 1300 companies have chosen us for the realization of their projects, which have become part of our history and have contributed to the growth of our experience and professionalism. Our pride is to look around us to rediscover the imprint of Modula and each of his collaborators in the objects that are part of everyday work, leisure and community life. Look at our gallery and find out for yourself why Modula Industry is the ideal partner for your company.